Web Forms


What is a form on a website?

A web form simply put is an online page that allows for users to input information. This information is then sent to an email address specified by the owner of the website for various uses.

Online forms are a very handy business tool.  They allow you to have your customer, client, patient, student, member, employee, etc the benefit and ease of completing necessary information in an online form. Basically, you can ask as little or as much as you like in your online form, ultimately saving you time in administration and phone calls.

What types of forms can I have on my website?

The most simple and commonly used web form is the “contact us” form. However there are many other commonly used forms such as:

Registration Form
Order Form
Event Registration
Job Application
Club Membership
Booking Form
Patient Registration Form
Sports Registration Form
Competition Entry Form
Market Research Surveys
… Plus much more!

Velvet Web can design you a form which is exactly what you need. It forms part of your website, without the need to embed code from a third party form builder.

Check out our example form below

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svg image

*Example Form Only*

Book a Service!  

 Please provide you name
Full Name
 Please provide your phone number
 Please provide your email address
Service/Work Required
Number of kms
Work required
Car Make
Drop off Date.
Pick up Date
Thank you for booking!
*Example Form Only*
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I need a custom web form. How do I get started?

Have a think about what you need in your form, ie:

  • Fields required
  • Information to the user
  • Purpose of the form

Prior to calling, make a few notes about your requirements, or ideally create a document. If typing isn't your thing, dictate to a voice file. 


To discuss your requirements and get an estimate of cost and time frame, contact us.

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