What does custom development mean?

Custom web development in short means an online product that is developed to fit the requirements of a business’ or client’s specific needs. It's not just designing a website, it's writing code to get the web product to perform and do the functions needed of it.

There are plenty of great web products out there, but sometimes they don't do exactly what the client needs them to. Have you done some research and found that the web products currently on the market don't quite do everything you need them to do for your business? If so, then custom web development may be the way to go.

Our web software is cross platform so it works on all devices: desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, with any operating system: IOS, Android and Microsoft. No need for multiple systems and multiple programmers.

Can I use my custom developed website on a mobile device?

Absolutely! We design for mobile first. Why do we do that? With current statistics showing that up to 80% of web searches are carried out on mobile devices it makes perfect sense. Our system has been created with that in mind. The back end works so that you can make changes, input data, or whatever you need to do easily from any device, anywhere.

I have a custom web development job. How do I get started?

To discuss your requirements and get an estimate of cost and time frame, contact us.

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How can a web application help my business?

Below are some real-life examples:

  • A system that imports products from a database or spreadsheet to display within the client's own website. No need for lengthy data entry, duplications, and the possibility of human error.

  • A system to log new jobs as they come in. Representative accesses the new information via a tablet. The application also allows head office to be informed of their representatives whereabouts, progress and any issues that may arise in real time.

  • A web appliction built to exact requirements. No need to settle for off the shelf products or ready made applications that are hard to navigate and are not exactly what the client requires.

  • Interactive web form so that customers can easily book services online without the need to call the office.