Please see below for further information on additional services that do not form part of the $649 website deal. Velvet Web can provide you with a quote on any of these services.

Content Writing

You are the expert of your business, so it makes sense that you write about yourself, your business, who you are and what you do. You know your products and services. You know your clients, what their needs are and the things they commonly ask. Who better to write about your business?

Velvet Web does offer "content appraisal". What does this mean exactly? Prior to your commencing writing about yourself, we will guide you in how to write copy using current SEO practices. We will then review the content you've written and will make suggestions or changes if required. You then provide us with the final copy and we insert it into your website while further optimising the content in the process.

We find often clients simply don't have the time to do their own content writing. They are busy running their business and tending to their families. We get that. We have business and family commitments too! So if you don't have the time, no problem! Just let us know and we'll provide you with a quote.

Proof Reading

While we will always correct grammar or spelling if noticed, ultimately proof-reading is the responsibility of you, the Client. If you would like us to proofread the content you've written and provided to us, please let us know.

Photography and Content Images

There are two parts to your website: the website build (all done by us) and the content area information (provided to us by you).

Any images and design used within the website build are provided by us. Photos or images (products, site photos, shop fronts, etc) used within the content area need to be provided to us by you. As with content writing, Velvet Web offers "content appraisal" for photos and images used within the content area. So if we believe that your images or photos are not optimised for web or of poor quality, we will let you know. Velvet Web will guide you around best SEO practices when using images and photos for the web. Again, if you don't have the time for finding and optimising your images and photos, please let us know.

Graphic Design and Image Optimisation

Sometimes images need to be manipulated in order to use them within your website. Especially so if you have a product that has not photographed well. They may need to be recoloured, retouched, flipped, brightened, areas cut out or inserted, etc. Velvet Web will use images given to us as-is. If we believe your images need some improvement work, we will let you know.

Online Marketing

If you want to increase revenue or generate sales from your website, marketing is something you need to focus on. While we use the most current SEO practices, both on-page and in our code, we can't guarantee where your website will sit in the organic search engine results, no one can. There are very good online courses that teach you how to do your own Google and social media advertising, so this is always a cost-effective option. Alternatively, Velvet Web can manage your marketing efforts by offering Google Ads Management and Facebook/Instagram Advertising Management as well as creating Sales Funnels.

Google Analytics Management

Velvet Web will set up Google Analytics and embed the tracking code into the website. The ongoing management and analysis of the analytics account and data will be handed over to you unless you would like Velvet Web to manage for you.

Web Design Training and Technical Support

The Velvet Web Content Management System has in-built help guides, video tutorials and links to external resources to help you manage your website. We also offer email support if you get really stuck on something. If you require urgent technical support or training, we can do this as an additional service.

Email Accounts

The $649 website deal does not include email accounts and mailbox creation. Velvet Web does offer Office 365 Email as an additional product.

Domain Registration

The $649 website deal includes your first two years of domain registration after which it will need to be renewed. The domain is registered in your own name and all you need to do is log in and renew it using a valid credit card. You will always have full control over your domain so you can cancel or transfer it if you please.

Web Hosting

The $649 website deal includes your first two years of website hosting after which it will need to be renewed. Velvet Web will host and manage your website and will invoice you when the server hosting is due. The $649 special includes the "Startup" web hosting package, including 5G storage and 10G monthly bandwidth. If your website reaches or exceeds its limit, we will advise you and you may need to be moved to a larger plan.

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